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To apply an attribute to a body, face, or edge; on the Structure ribbon in the Attributes group, click New BC/Excitation and choose the desired attribute from the drop-down menu. Next pick the body/face/edge(s), and click Done.

An Edit Properties dialog box displays to allow you to edit the parameters of the new attribute. Most of the parameters are specific to the type of attribute (see Simulations (Analyst-MP Only) for more information), although all attributes have a label and color you can modify.

To modify the color of an attribute, click the color box in the Browser or the attribute's property grid to bring up a color picker tool.

Use caution when applying an attribute to a body/face/edge that already contains an attribute. Multiple boundary conditions, excitations, or mesh constraints on a given body/face/edge can create ambiguities in the simulation. If you attempt this, you are prompted to specify whether you want to keep the existing attribute(s) and apply the new one concurrently, or replace the existing attribute(s) with the new one.

You can apply an existing attribute to additional bodies/faces/edges. To do so, on the Structure ribbon in the Attributes group, click Apply and choose the desired attribute by name. Next pick the bodies/faces/edges and click Done. Alternatively, pick the additional bodies/faces/edges, right-click the attribute's node in the Browser and choose Apply to Another Edge/Face/Body from the context menu.

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