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Label – A unique name that identifies the solid. (ISolid/Label)

Coordinate System – The coordinate system in which the solid is defined. Defaults to working coordinate system at time of creation. (ISolid/CoordinateSystem)

Material – Chosen material for the solid. (ISolid/Material)

Include in Simulation – Indicates if the solid is included in the simulation.  If False, the solid is also not shown in the view. (ISolid/Include)

Reverse Path – Reverses the orientation of the path. This impacts which end of the path internally lies at the center of each profile thus impacting the location of the resulting sweep.

Rigid – If True, the cross sections of the sweep remain parallel to one another. If False, the cross sections are always perpendicular to the path.

Draft Angle - [PHASE] – Defines the angle with which each individual sketch surface is to draft while sweeping and is measured against normal of the sketch in a perpendicular way. A positive value causes a draft out while a negative value causes a draft in.

Twist Angle - [PHASE] – Defines how much the sketch is rotated in total as it is swept along the path. The rotation is performed about the center of the entire sketch contents.

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