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The miscellaneous tools are always enabled.

Tool Name (and hotkey) Icon Tool Description

Hide selected bodies, faces, or edges of objects. See “Blanking”.
View Of Faces And Edges (T) Toggle between rendering of a structure as a shaded solid with edges, a wireframe (edges only), or shaded faces only.
Toggle Hover (H) Toggle highlighting of pickable objects.
Working Plane Visibility (V) Toggle visibility of the working plane and the readout for the spacing of the grid lines.
Use Snap Grid Toggle snapping to working plane grid points. You can also control grid point spacing and other properties. See “Grid Properties”.
View Properties Access the Simulation view properties. Toggle display of XYZ triads via a drop-down menu. See “Properties”.
Color By Control how the geometry is colored. "All" implies that the face/edge color is determined by any attributes on that face/edge, otherwise by the material of the associated solid.
Calculations and Queries Compute point-to-point distances and vectors. See “Querying Lengths, Locations and Other Properties”. Query data on specific particles in particle annotations. See “Particle Queries”. Query data on specific solid bodies. See “Body Query”. Query data on specific solid faces. See “Face Queries”. Query data on specific solid edges. See “Edge Queries”.

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