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1.3. Typographical Conventions

This guide uses the following typographical conventions to help you follow instructions quickly and easily.

Item Convention
Anything that you select (or click on) in Analyst, such as menus, submenus, ribbon or ribbon groups, dialog box options, buttons, and tabs.

Shown in a bold alternate type.

On the Structure ribbon in the Entity Creation group, click Draw Entity and choose Box from the drop-down menu.

Text that you enter using the keyboard

Shown in bold type within quotes:

Enter "my_project" in File Name.

Keys or key combinations that you press

Shown in a bold alternate type with initial capitals. Key combinations using a "+" indicate that you press and hold the first key while pressing the second key:

Press Alt+F1.

File names and directory paths

Shown in italics:

See the sample.py file.

Contents of a file, fields within a file, command switches/arguments, scripts, or output from a command at the command prompt

Shown in an alternate type:

The following is a complete file for three two-dimensional points:

0 1E-07
0 0.009995
0.000482 0.019155
Variables for which you must specify values

Shown in angle brackets:

AWRDE_Analyst_<version>.exe /DisplayConfig

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