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2.1.6. Managing Views

You can click a node in the Navigator to either create or display in the main window its corresponding view. A tab for each view displays at the top of the main window, as shown in the following figure. These tabs show at a glance all open views. When you click a tab its associated view displays in the main window. To close an active window, click the "X" on its tab.

Alternatively, you can click the downward arrow at the far right side of the tabs to select a view from the drop-down menu, or click the "X" button to close the current view.

You can also close a view by right-clicking its tab and choosing Close. To reopen a closed view, simply select the associated node in the Navigator. To close all views, on the View ribbon, in the Views group, click Close All.

To cycle through all open views, press the Ctrl+Tab keys. For more information on positioning windows in the workspace, see “Customizing the User Interface ”.

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