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2.2.2. Auto-saving Projects

The Autosave feature helps prevent the loss of unsaved work by periodically saving the current model (with or without simulation results) to a temporary location. By default, an auto-save without simulation results occurs every ten model changes. To change this interval, on the Home ribbon, in the Settings group, click Environment and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. In the Environment Properties dialog box under Auto Save, decrease the Interval value to auto-save more frequently, or increase the value to auto-save less frequently. You can also disable the auto-save feature entirely by changing Enabled to False. There is also an Include Results option to include simulation results in auto-saves.

If the software crashes or fails to shut down properly, the next start-up of the software detects the improperly ended session and prompts you to recover any auto-saved projects. You can recover a project in the current session or start a new session. When you recover an auto-saved project it is written to a safe location where it is not overwritten by subsequent save operations.

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