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7.3. Variables Control

In the variables window you can specify the variable Name, Expression, Min, Max, and Incr values. Each variable also includes check boxes that determine whether the variable is constrained, tunable, or optimizable. You can also add a description for the variable in the Note column. The tabular section of the Variables control acts like Excel in its look and feel. One or more rows can be selected using the farthest column on the left. The arrow keys, Enter key and Tab key navigate the cells of the Variables control. Press the Delete key when cells are selected to clear their contents. Deleting a variable requires the entire row be selected.

You can edit Boolean properties of multiple variables (for example, Optimize or Constrain) by selecting multiple rows in the Variables control and then clicking the desired check box.

The number of times a variable is used in a parameter is displayed in the Refs column in the Variables control. You can easily identify unreferenced variables by sorting on this column and you can click in one of these cells to display detailed information about these references.

If you assign a value or expression that Analyst can't resolve to a variable, a message will be displayed in the Log column.

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