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4.6.4. Using Value Sets

A simulation refers to a specific value set to determine the exact values that are input to the simulator. See “Working with Value Sets” for more information on value sets.

Upon creation, a simulation by default points at the active value set. You can change the value set on the Simulation ribbon. The following example helps to demonstrate the use of value sets and simulations.

  1. Assume a structure containing a box with the length of one side set to the variable "a", and assume that "a" has the value of "2 cm" in the primary value set:

  2. Now change the value of "a" to ".5 cm" in the primary value set and observe the result:

  3. Create a new value set by choosing New Value Set in the Variables control. Note that the new value set is labeled ValueSet_1. ValueSet_1 is created as a copy of the previously active value set (Primary_ValueSet).

  4. In ValueSet_1, change "a" to "3 cm" and click Apply.

  5. Next, create two simulations. When you are done you should see nodes for each simulation in the Navigator.

  6. You can associate each of the simulations with a different value set. Make active the "Simulation_1" view. On the Simulation ribbon in the Configuration group, select Primary_ValueSet from the Value Set drop-down menu. Make active the "Simulation_2" view and select ValueSet_1 from the Value Set drop-down menu.

  7. Create an initial mesh for each of the two simulations. Toggle off the light bulb next to the Geometry node in the Browser. Create a Mesh Annotation using the Structure ribbon. Note that the mesh you see corresponds to "a" having value of 0.5 cm.

  8. Choose "Annotation_1" in the Browser and change Qualifier 1 to Simulation_2. Note that the mesh now corresponds to "a" having a value of 3 cm.

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