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Add thickness to any sheet body.


Label – A unique name that identifies the operation. (ISolidOperation/Label)

Thickness - [LENGTH] - Amount to thicken. The sign of this value controls the direction. (ISolidThicken/Thickness)

Both Directions - If False, the thickening occurs only in the direction normal to every face. If True, half the thickening occurs in the normal direction and the other half in the opposite direction. To thicken only in the direction opposite the normal, set this flag to False and use a negative thickness. (ISolidThicken/BothDirections)

Include - Indicates if the operation is included in the regeneration process. (ISolidOperation/Include)


User Interface Button

Command Details

Click the face of the planar sheet body normal to the desired direction of thickening.
See command hint for detailed instructions.



Other Notes

The purpose of this action is to make a realistic three-dimensional sheet from an ideal two-dimensional sheet. Typically, the thickness supplied is small.

In the case of a single planar body, thickening produces an identical result to a face extrusion. However in the case of a curved sheet or multiple sheets, the result differs in that the direction of the thickening is normal everywhere, while the direction of the extrusion is not.

Example Creation Script

SolidThicken_1 = Solid_3.Get_ISolid().Thicken("Thicken_1", "0.002", "False")

Scripting Interfaces


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