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4.6. Displaying Simulation Status and Results

While your simulation is running, a "Busy Working" icon displays in the Simulation view. An adjacent label displays the progress of the simulation.

Log information is presented in the log portion of the Simulation view. Each simulation log has its own set of filter parameters to control the messages that display in the log. These are separate from the parameters for the main system log. See “Viewing the Log Window” for more information.

Other information, such as the simulation's progress toward convergence, is displayed in real time in a plot beside the job log. See “Displaying Real-Time Plots of Simulation Results” for more information.

After the simulation completes, the "Busy Working" icon is replaced by a green check mark and the label indicates that the simulation has succeeded. A summary of the simulation results and listing of several important simulation parameters is presented in the log.

You can access information about the status of completed or pending simulations from the Navigator. Icons (in the form of lighting bolts) adjacent to each simulation in the Navigator indicate its status as:

  1. Failed. A red lightning bolt icon displays.

  2. Completed and results inconsistent with properties. This status results if one of the simulation's parameters was changed after the simulation completed. A yellow lightning bolt icon displays.

  3. Completed and results consistent with value set, properties, and structure. A green lightning bolt icon displays.

  4. Running. A blue lightning bolt icon displays.

  5. Pending. A grey lightning bolt icon displays.

The following figure shows simulations in states 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5:

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