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A primitive closed solid representing the volume that locating with a given distance (the radius) of a given point (the center).


Label – A unique name that identifies the solid. (ISolid/Label)

Coordinate System – The coordinate system in which the solid is defined. Defaults to working coordinate system at time of creation. (ISolid/CoordinateSystem)

Material – Chosen material for the solid. (ISolid/Material)

Include in Simulations – Indicates if the solid is included in simulations.  If False, the solid is also not shown in the view. (ISolid/Include)

Visible - Indicates if the solid is shown in the view. (ISolid/Visible)

Mesh Control Only - Indicates if the solid is used as a tool to control meshing. If True, the portion of the solid that does not overlap the other normal solid is thrown away prior to simulation. Additionally, the material of such a solid is irrelevant so the material parameter is hidden. (ISolid/MeshControlOnly)

Center - [LENGTH] – Center of the sphere in the solid’s coordinate system. (ISphere/Center)

Radius - [LENGTH] - Radius of the sphere. (ISphere/Radius)


User Interface Button

Command Details

Mouse click order is:
1. Center
2. Radius
See command hint for detailed instructions.


The radius must be greater than zero.

Other Notes


Example Creation Script

Solid_1 = Geometry_1.Sphere("Sphere_1", "World", "Air", "0.015, 0.016, 0", "0.005")

Scripting Interfaces


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