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3.4.4. Organizing Solids and Elements in the Browser

You can organize solids and elements in several different ways in the Browser by right-clicking the Geometry node and accessing the Solid/Element Organization context menu.

These context menu items allow you to sort the solids/elements included in the folder in several ways:

When set to Creation Order or Alphabetical, choosing New Folder allows you to create a custom folder. You can then drag and drop solids into or out of this folder. You can also rename your folder by right-clicking it and choosing Rename from the Browser context menu. Solids organized in creation order can be re-ordered in the Browser, see ???.

You can perform actions on all items in the folder by right-clicking the item and choosing an option from the context menu.

If you order your solid nodes By Material, your custom folders are hidden and all solids are in folders that represent materials used. If you return to Creation Order or Alphabetical order, your custom folders re-appear.

To change your preferences so that all future projects default to your desired ordering, on the Structure view toolbar click the View Properties button to display the Structure View Properties dialog box. On the Other tab, choose the desired Solid/Element Order in Browser Tree parameter. Choose the desired option and then right-click the parameter name and set a preference as described in “Parameter Preferences and Other Actions ”.

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