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A sketch based closed solid resulting from sweeping the contents of a sketch around a user defined axis. The sketch can contain multiple surfaces.


Label – A unique name that identifies the solid. (ISolid/Label)

Coordinate System – The coordinate system in which the solid is defined. Defaults to working coordinate system at time of creation. (ISolid/CoordinateSystem)

Material – Chosen material for the solid. (ISolid/Material)

Include in Simulations – Indicates if the solid is included in simulations.  If False, the solid is also not shown in the view. (ISolid/Include)

Visible - Indicates if the solid is shown in the view. (ISolid/Visible)

Mesh Control Only - Indicates if the solid is used as a tool to control meshing. If True, the portion of the solid that does not overlap the other normal solid is thrown away prior to simulation. Additionally, the material of such a solid is irrelevant so the material parameter is hidden. (ISolid/MeshControlOnly)

Axis Point - [LENGTH] – Point on the axis about which to revolve the sketch defined in the solid’s coordinate system.

Axis Direction –The direction of the axis about which to revolve the sketch defined in the solid’s coordinate system. This is a unitless vector and its magnitude is irrelevant.

Angle - [PHASE] – Angle through which the sketch is revolved.

Simplify - If True, adjacent colinear elements produce a single face; otherwise they produce adjacent coplanar faces. (IRevolution/Simplify)


User Interface Button

Command Details

Mouse click order is:
1. Axis Point
2. Axis Direction
3. Angle
You are then left in sketch mode. See command hint for detailed instructions.


Axis direction must have a non-zero length. Use caution when defining the axis parameters to avoid errors due to self-intersecting geometry. An angle of 0 can be used to produce a sheet and is equivalent to the Sheet (2D) solid.

Other Notes

You can switch between a sketched Sheet (2D), extrusion, and revolution by right-clicking the solid in the Browser and choosing Convert To XXX from the context menu. This makes transitioning from 2D to 3D easier.

Example Creation Script

SweptSolid_1 = Geometry_1.Extrusion("Extrusion_6", "World", "XY", "0", "Air", "0.01", "0, 0, 1", "0", "0")

Scripting Interfaces


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