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4.7.6. Job Parameters and LSF/Torque Submission Scripts

This section explains how the parameters in the user interface map into the submission scripts for LSF and Torque.

Parameter Name


Torque Usage

LSF Usage

Maximum Number of Processes Per Node

This is the actual number of processes per compute node that will be run. For Linux simulations, this value must be > 0, otherwise it will be interpreted as 1.

#PBS -l ppn=[Value]

#BSUB -R "span[ptile=[Value]]"

Cluster/Number of Nodes

Number of compute nodes per job.

#PBS -l nodes=[Value]

#BSUB -n [Value]

Cluster/Project Charge ID

The charge ID of the project you wish to associate the cluster job with. This is subject to your cluster's policies and may be allowed to be empty.

#PBS -A [Value]

#BSUB -P [Value]

Cluster/Additional Simulation Options

These are passed directly to your Linux resource manager (e.g. LSF) as trailing lines in the submission script and can be used to specify things like memory reservations, wall time limits, etc.

Examples include

  • "-m grid001 -q testqueue"

  • "-l walltime=01:00:00grid001 -q testqueue"

#PBS [Value]

#BSUB [Value]

An example LSF submission script (named _AWR.sub) for a 2 node, 8 process per node simulation that would be submitted using "bsub < _AWR.sub".

#BSUB -L /bin/bash
#BSUB -J "{021D6E34-656C-40EC-B2DD-85547C0404FF}"
#BSUB -e /home/centos/analyst_sim_folder/BPC/158808871538808/_AWR_error
#BSUB -o /home/centos/analyst_sim_folder/BPC/158808871538808/_AWR_output
#BSUB -Jd "Job_7: None"
#BSUB -n 16
#BSUB -R "span[ptile=8]"
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/grsim_install/15:/opt/openmpi213/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH /opt/openmpi213/bin/mpiexec  /opt/grsim_install/15/grsim '/home/centos/analyst_sim_folder/BPC/158808871538808/simulation.xml' /license_remote /host=,, /port=33824 /nt=1

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