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5.2.7. Running

The simulation process is broken into three phases, the first two of which are the ports only AMR and the full solve AMR, as described in “AMR”. After the full solve AMR terminates, the simulator runs one final solve across all frequencies using the final mesh. The procedure that is followed at this point is determined by the Frequency Sweep Type setting in the simulation properties dialog box Solver tab, described in “Frequencies”. For both the discrete frequency sweep and the fast frequency sweep, each active process reports each frequency as it begins processing it. For the fast frequency sweep, this frequency corresponds to the expansion frequency.

In each new iteration, the results of the previous iteration are used to refine the mesh. Details of the mesh changes are presented after the run table, showing the number of elements refined or coarsened, and giving the resulting final element count. This element count indicates the full number of elements in the mesh, including those that do not participate in the field solve.

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