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An element representing a point. Point elements only serve to assist in constructing other elements, they are never part of the geometry.


Label – A unique name that identifies the element. (IElement/Label)

Visible - If True, element is visible in the sketch. (IElement/Visible)

Location - [LENGTH] – Location of the point defined in the sketch's coordinate system. (IPoint/Location)

Evaluated Locations - [LENGTH] – Post-operation location of the point defined in the sketch's coordinate system. This is a calculated value based on the location of the point and any subsequent operations applied to the element. Read only.


User Interface Button



Other Notes


Command Details

Mouse click order is:
1. Location
See command hint for detailed instructions.

Example Creation Script

Element_1 = Profile_1.Point("Point_1", "-0.01, 0, 0")

Scripting Interfaces


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