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Periodic Master


A boundary condition used when the geometry of a structure repeats itself after some distance along one or more vectors. When paired with a periodic slave, these two periodic boundary conditions (PBCs) enforce a specified phase advance in the electric field between the planes.

Simulator Applicability

2D Eigenmode (OM2p)

3D Eigenmode (OM3p)

2D Electrostatic Particles (MICHELLE)

3D Electrostatic Particles (MICHELLE)

Common Uses

To reduce the computational resources necessary to simulate a structure.


Must be applied only to exterior faces.

Must be applied only to planar faces.

In general, all faces that lie on a periodic plane must have the same PBC applied. For example, if your structure has two faces on one plane, both must have either periodic master or periodic slave. Also, structure surfaces on the corresponding other periodic plane must have the same shape and size, and they must have the other PBC applied.



Label - A unique name that identifies the attribute. (IAttribute/Label)

Color - Color used on objects to which this attribute is applied. (IAttribute/Color)

Example Creation Script

PeriodicMaster_1 = AttributeSet_1.NewBoundaryCondition("PeriodicMaster", "PeriodicMaster_1")

Scripting Interfaces


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