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A shape representing the result of sweeping a line segment through a connected series of line segments.


Label – A unique name that identifies the element. (IElement/Label)

Visible - If True, element is visible in the sketch. (IElement/Visible)

Construction Only - If True, element is excluded from the covering process and does not become part of the geometry. Such elements are used in constructing other elements. (IElement/Construction)

Point "n" - [LENGTH] – Location of point[n] of the polyline in the sketch's coordinate system. (IPoint/Location)

Width - [LENGTH] – The width of the line segment used in underlying sweep. (IPath/Width)

Sketch Parameters:

Label – A unique name that identifies the sketch. (ISketch/Label)

Plane – Plane of the solid's coordinate system that the sketch lies in. (ISketch/Plane)

Offset - [LENGTH] – Distance from the origin of the solid's coordinate system to the sketch plane in a direction normal to the chosen sketch plane. (ISketch/PlaneOffset)


User Interface Button

Command Details

Mouse click order is:
1. Point 1 Location
2+. Subsequent Point Locations
See command hint for detailed instructions.



Other Notes

Self-intersecting errors can occur if the path width exceeds the distance between points.

Example Creation Script

Element_5 = Profile_1.Path("Path_6", "-0.063, -0.028, 0, -0.054, -0.028, 0, -0.054, -0.023, 0, -0.046, -0.023, 0", "0.001")

Scripting Interfaces


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