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Data File

These parameters point to a file for their value. The second column in the property grid includes an ellipsis (...) button to open a dialog box that allows you to choose a file. You can import a file, link to a file, or pick an existing file and set the parameter value to it. By default, a file parameter value is set to No File.

Click the Import button to copy a file into the project, click the Link button to link to a file in another location, or select a file under Pick Existing. You can remove a file by selecting it and pressing the Delete key, or by right-clicking the file and choosing Delete.

Example Usage

Steady State Particle In Cell Solve Type/External Fields/Grid-Defined Magnetic/Magnetic Field Data File of a MICHELLE Simulation

Expression Support

Expressions are not supported.

Recording - see “Recorder Control” for more information


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