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4.4.4. Viewing Optimization Results

Once the optimization is defined in the wizard, the optimization begins. Results are displayed in a table, and the optimized variables are updated in real time:

You can use the Abort button to cancel a running optimization or sweep without losing existing data.

Once the optimization or sweep is complete, the Abort button is hidden and the Finish button is enabled. Columns in the table that present numeric data can be sorted by clicking on the header cells. The Save button allows you to save the results.

The Show All Variables check box allows you to show the values for all of your variables or only those being optimized. The Show Duplicate Experiments and Show Failed Constraint Experiments check boxes allow you to show or hide results of duplicate experiments and experiments that fail the variable constraints.

The All Results tab presents the results of all experiments.

The Best Results tab presents the best experiment for every iteration.

The Plot tab presents a plot of variable values and the optimization metric. Check boxes allow you to control display of individual variables, and the metric value and target.

The Log tab presents a log of your optimization or sweep.

To view the results from a previously run optimization or sweep, click Show Opt/Sweep Results on the Simulation ribbon in the Post-Processing group.

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