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2.1.13. Viewing the Log Window

The Log window displays messages that Analyst outputs. It is useful for viewing the status of the current model. You can choose to display errors, warnings, messages, or details by selecting the corresponding check boxes. The Autoscroll check box controls whether the log scrolls to the bottom when new content is added. The following figure shows the Log window:

To create custom filters for the log output, select the Enable check box and click the Custom button to display the Custom Filters dialog box. You can add custom filters to filter the log messages so that only those that include a specified string display. Clearing the Enable check box turns the filters off.

To apply a new or existing custom filter to the current log contents, select the check box to the left of the filter name. You can add multiple custom filters. To set preferences, click the Custom button in the Log window and choose an option from the drop-down menu, as shown in the following figure.

For more information on setting preferences see “Parameter Preferences and Other Actions ”

To clear the Log window, click the Clear Text button.

To save the log to a disk file, select the Save File button.

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