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A face revolution is an revolution where the profile is sourced with a chosen face and remains slaved to it so subsequent changes to the source face cause the revolution to update.


See “Revolution”.

Label of Associated Solid – Name of the solid containing the revolved face. Read only. (ISlavedSolid/SolidLabel)


User Interface Button

Command Details

Mouse click order is:
1. Pick Face
2. Axis Point
3. Axis Direction
4. Angle
See command hint for detailed instructions.


See “Revolution”.

Other Notes

See “Revolution”.

Example Creation Script

SweptSolid_1 = Geometry_1.RevolveFace("Revolution_2", "0", "Air", "60", "0.007, 0, 0", "0, 0, 0", Solid_1.Get_ISolid(), 0, 5)

Scripting Interfaces

See “Revolution”.

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