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2.1.14. Setting Environment Properties

Environment properties affect the behavior of Analyst in various ways. They are independent of the current model, so they are not saved with the model. Changes to environment properties affect models in all sessions of Analyst. One option controls whether or not a dialog box displays after completing the creation of a solid. See “Solid Creation” for more information. Another option controls how often auto-save occurs. See “Auto-saving Projects” for more information. To access the environment properties, on the Home ribbon in the Settings group, click Environment and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. The following dialog box displays.

To see the description of a property, select it and view the description in the lower panel of the dialog box. Some properties can only be set when there is no model currently open, such as after a Close. Changes to environment properties take effect immediately in the current session. Future sessions use the state of the properties at the time you start the session.

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