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5.2. Driven Frequency (RF3p)

A common interest in design is to compute the fields and other parameters associated with a feed operating at a specified frequency in a particular physical system. Fields, scattering parameters, and other quantities in a 3D structure can be computed for a given frequency or set of frequencies using the RF3p component of Analyst, which solves the Maxwell equations with a prescribed source. Models containing dielectric, lossy, and anisotropic materials may be analyzed. RF3p is appropriate to use in any geometry that will produce complex propagating fields, such as waveguides, antennas, and microstrip circuits.

RF3p solves for the fields and circuit parameters in the model at a set of discrete frequency points using one of two types of frequency sweeps. The discrete frequency sweep performs a separate analysis at each point, and the fast frequency sweep evaluates a smaller set of frequencies and then uses an asymptotic method to determine the intermediate frequencies to within a set accuracy. These two options are described in the following sections.

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