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5.1.6. Custom List Specification

It is sometimes useful to specify a custom list of numbers for certain inputs. Three examples are the phase advance of an “2D/3D Eigenmode (OM2p/OM3p)” simulation, the drive frequencies of a “Driven Frequency (RF3p)” simulation and the field strengths of a “2D/3D Multipacting (PT2p/PT3p)” simulation. The following dialog box is used to specify a custom range.

Highlight items on the left and click Delete Selected to remove ones you don't want. Select the range type from the radio buttons under Edit Range. Then enter in the Start, Stop and Increment as needed. Then click Add to add the new ones to the list or Replace to remove the existing entries before adding. You can also delete the specified range under Edit Range from the list on the left by clicking Delete.

Values can also be pasted into the leftmost control. The right click menu offers both Paste Add and Paste Replace. Ctrl-V is equivalent to Paste Replace. These allow you to paste a list of numbers from text files or spreadsheets. Delimiters can include comma, space, tab or new-line.

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