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7.2.2. Built-in Constants

You can use the following built in constants.

Identifier Description Value
_C0 speed of light 2.99792458e8[m/s]
_DEGTORAD PI/180 - Multiple a value in degrees by this to get a value in radians 0.0174532925199433
_E electron charge 1.602176487e-19 C
_EN Euler's number 2.71828182845905
_EP0 Free space permittivity 8.854187817e-12[F/m]
_EV Electron volt 1.60217653e-19 J
_H Planck's constant 6.626068e-34[J*s]
_K Boltzmann constant 1.3806504e-23[J/K]
_MU0 Free space permeability 4*_PI*10e-7[H/m]
_PI the circumference of circle x divided by the diameter of circle x 3.14159265358979
_RADTODEG 180/PI - Multiple a value in radians by this to get a value in degrees 57.2957795130823
_Z0 Free space impedance 376.73031 Ohms

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