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This excitation provides a source for an electrostatics simulation.

Simulator Applicability

3D Electrostatics (ES3p)

2D Electrostatic Particles (MICHELLE)

3D Electrostatic Particles (MICHELLE)

Common Uses

To enforce a set voltage on a boundary in an electrostatic simulation.


At least one conductor in the simulation must have non-zero voltage.



Label - A unique name that identifies the attribute. (IAttribute/Label)

Color - Color used on objects to which this attribute is applied. (IAttribute/Color)

Number - Index of conductor. Used only in ES3p simulations for organization of result quantities by conductor. (IESConductor/Number)

Potential - [VOLTAGE] - Voltage prescribed on the corresponding faces/edges. (IESConductor/Potential)

Example Creation Script

ES_Conductor_1 = AttributeSet_1.NewExcitation("ES_Conductor", "Conductor_1")

Scripting Interfaces


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