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Each plottable column in the table (with the exception of the X value column) is represented by a series in the chart. A series is named after the column it represents and the measurement that column belongs to.

The properties of a series can be changed by choosing the series from the Series Properties drop down button in the Chart Settings group.

Tab Label Parameters

Line/Color - Controls the color of the line. (ISeriesConfig/LineColor)

Line/Line Style - Controls the appearance of the line. (ISeriesConfig/LineStyle)

Line/Line Thickness - [PIXELS] - Controls the thickness of the line. (ISeriesConfig/LineThickness)

Label Mode - Choose Custom for user defined legend label; choose Automatic for system define legend label. (ISeriesConfig/LabelMode)

Custom Label - Controls the series label in the legend. Only visible if Label Mode is set to Custom. (ISeriesConfig/CustomLabel)

Use Second Y-Axis - Controls if the series falls on the primary or secondary Y axis. (ISeriesConfig/UseSecondYAxis)


Shape - Controls the shape of the symbols. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/Shape)

Size - [PIXELS] - Controls the size of the symbols. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/Size)

Offset - [PIXELS] - Controls the vertical offset of the symbols from the actually location of the data points. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/Offset)

Color - Controls the color of the symbols which represent a series's data points. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/Color)

Frequency/Type - Choose Custom for user defined symbol frequency; choose Automatic for system generated symbol frequency. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/FrequencyType)

Frequency/Number Per Series - The number of symbols which appear per series. Only visible if Type is set to Custom. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/NumberPerSeries)

Border/Width - [PIXELS] - Controls the width of the symbol border. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/BorderWidth)

Border/Color - Controls the color of the symbol border. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/BorderColor)

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