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Each plottable column in the table (with the exception of the X value column) is represented by a series in the chart. A series is named after the column it represents and the measurement that column belongs to.

The properties of a series can be changed by choosing the series from the Series Properties drop down button in the Chart Configuration group of the Plot ribbon. Note that some of the parameters are only visible for certain chart types.

Tab Label Parameters

Line/Color - Controls the color of the line. (ISeriesConfig/LineColor)

Line/Line Style - Controls the appearance of the line. (ISeriesConfig/LineStyle)

Line/Line Thickness - [PIXELS] - Controls the thickness of the line. (ISeriesConfig/LineThickness)

Label Mode - Choose Custom for user defined legend label; choose Automatic for system define legend label. (ISeriesConfig/LabelMode)

Custom Label - Controls the series label in the legend. Only visible if Label Mode is set to Custom. (ISeriesConfig/CustomLabel)

Use Second Y-Axis - Controls if the series falls on the primary or secondary Y axis. (ISeriesConfig/UseSecondYAxis)


Shape - Controls the shape of the symbols. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/Shape)

Size - [PIXELS] - Controls the size of the symbols. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/Size)

Offset - [PIXELS] - Controls the vertical offset of the symbols from the actually location of the data points. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/Offset)

Color - Controls the color of the symbols which represent a series's data points. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/Color)

Frequency/Type - Choose Custom for user defined symbol frequency; choose Automatic for system generated symbol frequency. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/FrequencyType)

Frequency/Number Per Series - The number of symbols which appear per series. Only visible if Type is set to Custom. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/NumberPerSeries)

Border/Width - [PIXELS] - Controls the width of the symbol border. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/BorderWidth)

Border/Color - Controls the color of the symbol border. (ISeriesSymbolConfig/BorderColor)

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