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Chart Legend

Every chart has a legend which identifies the visible series. If a measurement is not plottable the legend will specify that (see “Chart Measurement Inclusion”).

The legend can be turned off and on by toggling the Show Legend button from the Chart Configuration group of the Plot ribbon. The legend's properties can be changed by choosing the choose Legend Properties from the Chart Configuration group of the Plot ribbon. Note that some of the parameters are only visible for certain chart types.

Tab Label Parameters

Visible - Controls legend visibility. (ILegendConfig/Visible)

Background Color - Controls the color of the background. (ILegendConfig/BackgroundColor)

Spacing (Pixels) - The vertical space in pixels between the individual series text. (ILegendConfig/Spacing)

Text/Font - Controls the font of the text. (ILegendConfig/Font)

Text/Size - [PIXELS] - Controls the size of the text. (ILegendConfig/FontSize)

Text/Color - Controls the color of the text. (ILegendConfig/FontColor)

Text/Style - Controls the emphasis of the text. (ILegendConfig/FontStyle)

Border/Visible - Controls the visibility of the border. (ILegendConfig/BorderVisible)

Border/Thickness - [PIXELS] - Controls border thickness. (ILegendConfig/BorderThickness)

Border/Color - Controls the border color. (ILegendConfig/BorderColor)

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