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Chamfer (Even and Uneven)

The chamfer operation flattens edges of a 3D solid or points of a 2D or 1D solid. Chamfers are defined by ranges which represent the distance from the edges to the location on the adjacent faces where the chamfer begins. Even chamfers have a single range that is used for both adjacent faces. Uneven chamfers have two distinct ranges, one for each adjacent face.

The following are important limitations in blending of points:

3D Example:

  1. Create a box with the corner at (0, 0, 0) and an extent of (1, 1, 0.3).

  2. Pick the edge that starts at (0, 0, 0.3) and ends at (0, 1, 0.3).

  3. Click the Modify Solids button and choose Chamfer (Even).

  4. In the Edit Properties dialog box, set Range 1 to "0.1" and click OK.

2D examples for chamfers are analogous to these fillet examples.

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