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3.1.13. Blanking

Blanking is purely a visualization feature with no impact on what geometry is simulated. It is used to hide edges, faces, bodies, or complete solids to facilitate visual examination or picking that is otherwise difficult.

Blanking Entire Solids

To blank an entire solid, toggle Off the tree node light bulb next to the corresponding solid in the Browser. This makes the solid invisible, but does not create a Blanked attribute as when blanking edges, faces, or bodies. To restore visibility, toggle the same tree node light bulb On.

Blanking Individual Edges, Faces or Bodies

Pick the body/face/edge of interest and click the Blank button on the Structure view toolbar. The picked objects become invisible by adding/applying a Blanked attribute to the picked objects and to the Browser under the Other Attributes node. To restore visibility, toggle On the tree node light bulb next to the corresponding Blanked attribute. To permanently unblank an object, delete its Blanked attribute from the tree.

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