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NI AWR Design Environment 14 What's New

What's New Organization

The NI AWR Design Environment 14 What's New document is organized into several sections including:

Features listed in this document may also include links to videos or reference examples included in the NI AWR Design Environment installation. Examples are listed by file name, for example: filename.emp. To find an example in the NI AWR Design Environment suite, choose File > Open Example and type the example name.

The following are updates for minor versions:

Major Feature Overview

Visit the Announcing V14 page of the Knowledge Base for the most recent information regarding this release. New examples and videos are uploaded as they become available.

v14 Licensing And Operating System Changes

  • New FLEX tools and vendor daemon are required for Floating licensing.

  • NI AWR Design Environment v14 software no longer supports HASP4 hardware dongles. Customers using HASP4 dongles must transition to HASP HL dongles.

  • Remote EM Computing requires the TOK-100 license feature.

  • The Component Synthesis Wizard and Mixer and Multiplier Synthesis Wizard both require the SWS-100 license feature.

  • License feature ANA-100 now includes the Analyst-MP Driven Frequency and Eigenmode solvers.

  • NOTE: NI AWR Design Environment v14 software is the last release to support Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems.

See “Licensing Changes” for details.

NI AWR Design Environment

Microwave Office and Analog Office

Visual System Simulator (VSS)

Analyst 3D Editor

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